Investing in property can be a great way to build equity and can help to diversify your portfolio risk. However, buying an investment property can be overwhelming given the arduous process involved.

Let us help you on your journey to find the right investment loan to save you time and money.

Strategy, Plan, ACTION!

Goal setting is pivotal in ensuring your success with your property investments. Know your 'why', write a plan and stick to your investment strategy.

First, we will work with you to figure out what it is you're seeking from your investment - is it more overseas holidays, working for yourself, FIRE (financial independence, retire early) or helping others in need?

Once you've figured out what you want in life, this will underpin your investment strategy. You might buy a standalone property for long term growth or you may look to build a duplex for cashflow.

Show Me The Money!

Investment in properties, when done correctly, can enjoy capital growth. Should you decide to rent it out to tenants, you are guaranteed to receive steady income that can even help cover your mortgage repayments.

Additionally, you may also enjoy tax deductions with the majority of property costs, including interest on any loans used to purchase the property, which can be deducted from rental revenue.

Let's Roll!

It is our mission to walk you through various scenarios to assist you choose your possibilities for investment properties. We'll evaluate your financial standing, compare investment loans, and engage in lender negotiations on your behalf.

We'll assist you through the entire loan application process, from selecting a loan through to settlement and beyond. We'll keep you informed of market developments and can help provide different options if your circumstances change.

Every loan application is unique and thus, every process is different and time frames will vary depending on the circumstances. Nevertheless, we can assist you in navigating each step of the process to obtain the loan that is most suitable for you.

Never fear, Pomelo is here!